Studio Jacques Tange

Ways of Understanding, Voodoo/Vodun

Muriel Schouten

Ways of Understanding, Voodoo/Vodun looks into a variety of representations of Vodun, the official state religion in Benin (West Africa). This particular religion became known under the general term ‘Voodoo’ and is commonly associated with a religious practice that is based on primitive belief, human sacrifice, and black magic.

Muriel Schouten researched the Western representation of Vodun from three different social-cultural perspectives: colonial archives, anthropological museums, and Hollywood films to deal with the complexity of understanding a culture that is strange and unfamiliar to our own. Besides presenting her perspective on these materials, she questions her personal presumptions by engaging in conversations with Alfred Quenum, a high priest in Vodun, followed by a journey into his personal practice in Benin.

Part of “Alumni aan de Schie”

Muriel Schouten is one a recently graduated photographer from the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. Five alumni present work at Fotofestival Schiedam in which they show their own personal style, through their research and subject matter. With their graduation work, the final step is taken towards the completion of years of learning and experimentation. Here you find an overview of the five artists who present their work at Fotofestival Schiedam 2018.

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