Ways of Knowing

Daniel Stier

Due to unexpected production conditions of other events, this exhibition in ‘De Grote of Sint-Janskerk’ can not be visited this weekend anymore.

Ways of Knowing is a book project by Daniel Stier, which was published in 2015 and will be presented as an exhibition at Fotofestival Schiedam. It shows a series of experimental setups taken in research laboratories across Europe and the US and still lifes taken in Stier’s studio. Some of the images are real experiments demonstrating scientific rules, while others are complete fantasy, only reminiscent of evidential, scientific photography.

“Ways of Knowing” is a curious outsider view into the world of science, that is incomprehensible for most, but always strangely fascinating. The combination of the existing research labs and the imagined experiments draws parallels between the work of scientists and those of artists. Both domains search deeply, and often in a wandering manner, for big questions. Both reveal obsessive beliefs of invention and creation that have led to the highest forms of specialization. The photographs of Stier become metaphors for a process of an open-ended inquiry, a feedback loop of thinking and doing, and ultimately the need to find order in an all too complex reality.