Sea and Jewelry

Rotterdam Photo | Yoshi Okamoto

Is there a suitcase you have taken in which you left my heart behind?

How many tears did I shed thinking of you?

Crying is feeling, feeling is passing.

I know the best way is running away, but I can’t.

You have taken my one and only heart.

People say I’m lucky, because I keep

Thinking such sweet thoughts,” but still, 

it will not change the painful things.

The Sea and Jewelry by Japanese photographer Yoshi Okamoto gives us a glimpse into the world of tears and heartbreak through an informal and above all, very intimate and vulnerable lens. As a way of dealing with the pain of the effects of immorality, lost love, betrayal and jealousy caused by both men and women, Okamoto started creating this work to provide healing to others who have gone through similar hardships. The series is informal and not meant to shake society, nor is it a social commentary on love. It is purely a personal story of pain and passing thoughts, expressed into a visual poem.


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