Studio Jacques Tange

The New Colonists

Monica Alcazar-Duarte

The New Colonists presents images and themes related to humanity’s renewed love affair with outer space. The installation combines images of life in a small sleepy town called Mars in Pennsylvania, USA. Alcazar-Duarte ’s images present efforts and research that scientists from around the world are performing to make colonizing the Moon and the red planet a reality.

A third component of the project consists of a video projection and Augmented Reality App where the voiceover of Dr. Ian Crawford, a senior astrogeologist and professor on planetary science, shares ideas on a variety of topics related to space colonization. He particularly speaks to the notions of “space law” and “space ethics”.

The project muses at the beginning of an era of technological prodigy. It celebrates the zeal, creativity, and resilience of the people behind the initial efforts our society is making towards this next phase of history in space exploration. It encourages us as well to look to the far future with eyes wide open, as there is an imperative need to resolve legal loopholes, allowing space exploration to proceed in a peaceful and balanced way.  There is a hope that the project will create a perception akin to the “overview effect” experienced by astronauts as they view the tiny blue dot that is Earth. They experience a deep and emotional connection to humanity and the planet as a whole. Whatever we explore beyond Earth, whatever is gained from these explorations, needs to be used not to “jump ship”, but for the benefit, preservation, and development of our planet.

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