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Regarding You & Me

Marijn Kuijper

Six attempts to get closer to my father

When Marijn Kuijper’s father passed away in 1983, time stood still. His father will always remain 36 years old, and Kuijper will always be his three-year-old daughter. In Regarding You & Me, Kuijper researches how his father and himself connect in the present, by collecting and examining traces that he has left behind in the past.

On many occasions, Kuijper has missed him as a father figure and role model. He has never been able to tell him that he is transgender, and now that he is about to become a father himself, the wish to get close to him has become even stronger. In order for Kuijper to be able to define himself and to relate to his gender transition, he is searching to define his father and the ways in which he relates to him.

The family’s photo archive, movies, and objects play an important role in this personal and intimate search. These memorabilia are the only tangible traces that were left behind and helps Kuijper to learn more about what kind of a man his father was. By using super 8 footage his father made of him, Kuijper gives him the opportunity to return that gaze.

Part of “Alumni aan de Schie”

Marijn Kuijper is a recently graduated photographer from the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. Five alumni present work at Fotofestival Schiedam in which they show their own personal style, through their research and subject matter. With their graduation work, the final step is taken towards the completion of years of learning and experimentation. Here you find an overview of the five artists who present their work at Fotofestival Schiedam 2018.

Work of Marijn Kuijper can also be seen as part of the exhibition Family at the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam.

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