Quantified Landscape

Florian Amoser

Quantified Landscape introduces an ongoing research project by Swiss photographer Florian Amoser on the photographic transposition of space on a flat surface. The interest in the built environment and questions about different translations of space into photography are a driving force in his works. Amoser sees photography as an extension of human perception and therefore questions the influence of technological progress on our perception and how this becomes increasingly relevant.

For “Quantified Landscape” that commenced in 2016, Amoser ventured deep in the heart of underground galleries. There he maps out the relief by placing a motor mounted laser on the ground. The light beam slowly sweeps the walls of the cave, thereby drawing a continuous line according to the principle of contour lines. These long exposures create black and white landscapes that refer as much to analog practice as to the digital finish of 3D modeling.

8 Monopole

Hoogstraat 99, Schiedam

Opening hours: 11.00 - 17.00 hrs.
Closed on Monday and Tuesday.

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