Studio Jacques Tange


Melissa Schriek

Have you looked around lately? Did you notice how some street poles slightly bend towards each other, as if they are reaching out for contact? A plastic bag shimmering in the sunlight, red bricks carefully aligned into an accidental sculpture. The city is constantly moving and interrupting the mundane, but daily routines have put a blindfold over our eyes.

In Promenade, Melissa Schriek explores the interruptions of everyday life while living in the city, as well as exploring how daily environments can be perceived and behaved in. In the digital age, where we seem to escape into everything except the immediate world around us, ‘Promenade’ aims to create awareness of elements and situations that are usually considered ordinary or common.

Part of “Alumni aan de Schie”

Melissa Schriek is a recently graduated photographer from the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. Five alumni present work at Fotofestival Schiedam in which they show their own personal style, through their research and subject matter. With their graduation work, the final step is taken towards the completion of years of learning and experimentation. Here you find an overview of the five artists who present their work at Fotofestival Schiedam 2018.

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