Wenneker Cinema- Wennekerpand

Marche Céleste

Alexis Pichot

Marche Céleste is the result of more than a year of nocturnal visits and visual immersions in the Forest of Fontainebleau in France that photographer Alexis Pichot undertook. The project was conceived in a response to Pichots everyday life in the city, which he experiences as noisy and intense and sometimes makes him gasp for air.

Going for frequent visits to the forest appealed to Pichot – here he discovered a place of physical and spiritual regeneration. To intensify the experience he would mostly venture out alone at night to find a fascinating but strange world. The forest, animated by shadows and lights, felt like a rite of passage. The images that Pichot took are immediate reflections of the intimate communion with the environment that he felt when he was present in the forest.

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