Current Studies

Sjoerd Knibbeler

Current Studies (2013-2016) consists of a series of short experiments which Sjoerd Knibbeler executed in his own studio. His sets, or an assembly of objects, consist of fairly simple materials like plastic, glass, and wood combined with more airy substances like smoke and dry ice. With the use of ventilators, leaf blowers, and vacuum cleaners, Knibbeler creates airflows which he attempts to reshape, contain or block. 

By doing this, Knibbeler seeks to capture a balance between the visible reference and the invisible subject. His camera serves as the perfect tool to capture this balance, resulting in an image that shows a presence rather than a reference. To Knibbeler, this presence is the most competent way to visualize that what he cannot see.




8 Monopole

Hoogstraat 99, Schiedam

Opening hours: 11.00 - 17.00 hrs.
Closed on Monday and Tuesday.

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