Computer Brain

Max de Waard

Max de Waard investigates digital source material such as video, software, computer viruses and 3D-models. With the use of image and sound, he creates digital universes with a poetic character. The continuous collecting, merging and manipulating of digital materials result in fragmented stories which depict the fusion of the physical and virtual world.

In his four-part video series Computer Brain, de Waard researches the area between the thinking processes of the computer and human thought. His videos are the result of an in-depth study where the intuitive merging of digital material, self-aware software and the embracement of digital imperfections are his main focus. Computer Brain reveals a universe where the computer transcends its limited role as a tool and evolves into its possible future form: an extension of the brain.



8 Monopole

Hoogstraat 99, Schiedam

Opening hours: 11.00 - 17.00 hrs.
Closed on Monday and Tuesday.

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