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Olga Permiakova

Olga Permiakova dedicates her project Camouflage to all women who, as soldiers, take part in the anti-terrorist operation in the Eastern part of Ukraine. Permiakova interviewed several women, investigating their position from a female gaze that she, and the women soldiers, feel is lacking in the mostly male-dominated Ukrainian army. Certain answers from the interviews have been visualized by stereograms, where the words are encoded in the images. In order to create this, Permiakova used photographs which the women recently posted on their social media.

During the interviews, it became clear to her that the infrastructure of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is equipped almost solely toward the needs of men. The presence of women in the army, which requires specific adjustments is not taken into account. This made Permiakova associate the position of these women with the use of camouflage in the army. The use of camouflage encompasses a paradoxical visual perspective of removing yourself from the enemies vision, as well as being seen within a specific role in society: the archetypal depiction of a soldier. The portraits of these female fighters have been composed by Permiakova in such a way that the subjects blend into the landscape creating a visual illusion, an analogy to their cultural and social status.

Part of “Alumni aan de Schie”

Olga Permiakova is a recently graduated photographer from The Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam.  Five alumni present work at Fotofestival Schiedam in which they show their own personal style, through their research and subject matter. With their graduation work, the final step is taken towards the completion of years of learning and experimentation. Here you find an overview of the five artists who present their work at Fotofestival Schiedam 2018.

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