Cabinets of Curiosities – Capitolo II

Olga Cafiero

Due to unexpected production conditions of other events, this exhibition in ‘De Grote of Sint-Janskerk’ can not be visited this weekend anymore.

Cabinets of Curiosities – Capitolo II is an inventory of photographs by Olga Cafiero that express the dichotomy between art and science but also nature and objects. Cafiero’s compositions, therefore, allude as much to science as to magic. The exhibition presents a photographic inventory that takes its inspiration after the Renaissance Curiosity cabinets that are built as one room exposés. Cafiero’s work is set up as a microcosm that shows various objects functioning as one singular organism. The viewer may see it as a reconstruction of the cosmos: a mishmash of things that are rare and particular but always connected. By doing so Cafiero demonstrates that no object is independent or central in this particular work; every single part is merely a piece in a bigger puzzle.