Sarah Maple

This series is a body of staged photographs based around the language used during the Brexit campaign. Over the spring/summer of 2016, Maple began to notice a repetition of particular emotive slogans in the media that spread across the country. Tantalising slogans such as, ‘take back control’ and ‘I want my country back’. Ideas of reasserting British sovereignty were used relentlessly by the ‘Leave’ campaign. Maple collected the slogans and with humour and irony, visually juxtaposed these with ideas of quintessential Britain. This raises the question of what it really means to be British today. During the Brexit campaign, many people voiced a feeling of nostalgia for ‘the good old days’. What ‘idea’ of Britain people would like to return to? Could this ever be feasible in the modern age? Thus, Maple challenges us to think about our current society.

© Sarah Maple



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