Between Spaces

Roos Deutz

Between Spaces started off as an exploration to one of many definitions of the view. What is the meaning of a view as part of a landscape? Living in an increasingly crowded city, it is not that which exists in excess that puts Roos Deutz to think, but rather that which is becoming scarcer. In her Between Spaces project Roos brings the urban landscape within her view, to the inside. What does a seemingly limitless space, the space that one perceives through the frame of a window, look like in a geometrically closed off room? Through the use of a camera obscura the exact size of her studio, light-sensitive paper and eventually the dark room, the excerpt of the view is now left to the fixed point of the building where the camera is located and the lighting conditions of that particular moment. In Between Spaces Roos questions her position as a photographer in relation to landscape and the photographic framework by undertaking the entire photographic process analogously. By using the complete length of the inner space (body) of the camera she unites image and space. The final image could be perceived as a personal memoir of the urban landscape within Roos’ view.


Groenweegje 7
3111 PB Schiedam

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