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Beoogd (Intended)

4 regional photographers curated by John Middelkoop and Sjef van Duin

Four photographers from the Schiedam region present their work in the group exhibition Beoogd (Meaning: Intended), curated by John Middelkoop and Sjef van Duin. Each photographer creates his or her work according to their own method, but they all depart from a sense of  wonder and astonishment, a memory or an emotion. Where one photographer leaps in their inner world to make work, the other finds inspiration in the world around them.

Esther Zitman

Esther Zitman is a graduate from AKI in Enschede. For the exhibition Zitman created a serie of GIFs that express the many small obsessions she has: cars, waves, mountain vistas, chandeliers, (sun)glasses, nails, neon signs, beautiful men, lampshops, terraces and explosions amongst others. You could say that she has an obsession for obsessions. In her work Zitman experiments with several types of photography from collages to cyanotypes and photograms.

Machteld Schoep

Machteld Schoep has been working with Mecanoo architects in Delft since 2003 where she has developed herself as an architectural photographer. The scenes she encounters around Schiedam, whilst commuting to work, visiting the mall, or when on a neighborhood stroll, result in city still lifes.

Diederik Klomberg

The images of Diederik Klomberg seem pretty arbitrary at first glance: an empty road, an interior, or passersby on a square. But who takes the time to look a little longer, starts to discover the glitches in the image before them. The familiar balance between time and space as experienced by the viewer is disrupted. It’s a play with your perception: there’s something wrong but still the images look quite plausible. For some photos Klomberg uses over more than 50 shots, that all get edited in one final image. The disputable objectivity of the lens is being used to research the elasticity of perception.  How long does a photo moment take and can photography measure itself with the illusionary character of the painting tradition? These are motives that are all interwoven in the practice of Diederik Klomberg.

Sven Signe den Hartogh

The work of Sven Signe den Hartogh derives from a deep desire to create, most of his depictions are intimate reflections of what he goes through in his personal life. Depicting raw emotions is central to his work, as they come closest to humans true nature. Sven Signe den Hartogh believes that as modern humans we are more and more removed from our natural disposition and aims, through his work, to make use aware of that notion.

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