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In Alumni aan de Schie, five recently graduated photographers from various art academies in the Netherlands present works in which they show their own personal style, research and subject matter. With their graduation work, the final step is taken towards completion of years of learning and experimentation. These works represent the first step towards the outside world, in which the alumni will find their own place in the photographic field.

At Fotofestival Schiedam 2018 we are pleased to present you these talented alumni:

Debbie Schoone – How to Farm a Fish

Our planet is the home of seven billion people. This number continues to grow, and consequently, so does the demand for food. It has become clear to us that our current agricultural systems cannot sustain this demand any longer. In How To Farm a Fish, Debbie Schoone asks herself the crucial question whether there is another way of providing the world with enough food. She questions whether this can be accomplished in a sustainable manner, preventing the earth from being depleted even further. Read more.

Marijn Kuijper – Regarding You & Me

When Marijn Kuijper’s father passed away in 1983, time stood still. His father will always remain 36 years old, and Kuijper will always be his three-year-old daughter. In Regarding You & Me, Kuijper researches how his father and himself connect in the present, by collecting and examining traces that he has left behind in the past. Read more.

Melissa Schriek – Promenade

In Promenade, Melissa Schriek explores the interruptions of everyday life while living in the city, as well as exploring how daily environments can be perceived and behaved in. In the digital age, where we seem to escape into everything except the immediate world around us, ‘Promenade’ aims to create awareness of elements and situations that are usually considered ordinary or common. Read more.

Olga Permiakova – Camouflage

Olga Permiakova dedicates her project Camouflage to all women who, as soldiers, take part in the anti-terrorist operation in the Eastern part of Ukraine. Permiakova interviewed several women, investigating their position from a female gaze that she, and the women soldiers, feel is lacking in the mostly male-dominated Ukrainian army. Read more.

Muriel Schouten – Ways of Understanding, Voodoo/Vodun

Ways of Understanding, Voodoo/Vodun looks into a variety of representations of Vodun, the official state religion in Benin (West Africa). This particular religion became known under the general term ‘Voodoo’ and is commonly associated with a religious practice that is based on primitive belief, human sacrifice, and black magic. Read more.

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