Alain Schroeder

Saving Orangutans

Indonesia’s Sumatran orangutan is under severe threat from the ongoing depletion and fragmentation of the rainforest. As palm oil and rubber plantations, logging, road construction, mining and hunting continue to proliferate, orangutans are being forced out of their natural rainforest habitat. Alain documented the concrete actions undertaken by local organizations in Sumatra. Organizations like the OIC (Orangutan Information Center) and their immediate response team HOCRU (Human Orangutan Conflict Response Unit), rescue orangutans in difficulty when they are lost, injured, or held captive. The SOCP (Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme) cares for, rehabilitates and resocializes orangutans at their purpose-built medical facility. These photographs show their daily life in the clinic and the quarantine center, where they save orangutans’ lives. The final goal is to reintroduce them into the wild and to create genetically viable populations in protected forests.


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