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Instant Dreams

When Polaroid announced the end of production in 2008, many feared that it would be gone forever. But Polaroid’s last working factory was bought my a small group of enthusiasts, amongst them, retired scientist Stephen Herchen, now CTO of Polaroid Originals. Herchen had previously collaborated with the inventor of Polaroid, Edwin Land. Today he’s still trying to unravel the mystery of the lost secret chemical formula. Instant Dreams is a documentary illustrating the magic of Polaroids and what it means to the people who shoot them, by filmmaker Willem Baptist.

Instant Dreams is a feature documentary by Willem Baptist (Wild boar, I’m Never Afraid!) about the fascination and love for Polaroids. With the ascendancy of digital, Polaroid announced it would stop manufacturing instant film in 2008. From New York City to Tokyo, Instant Dreams goes on a hallucinatory trip to discover the medium’s colorful, pioneering past through its miraculous analogue resurgence in the Instagram age. Watch the documentary and meet the director Willem Baptist at Fotofestival Schiedam 2018.

Wednesday 24 October
20:15: Introduction by director Willem Baptist
20:30: Start documentary Instant Dreams

Thursday 25 October
20:20: Short pre-movie of Alex Pichot
20:30: Start documentary Instant Dreams

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